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Thursday, April 25, 2019
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Our Mission Statement
St. Andrew United Methodist Church strives to be a family of caring, nurturing followers of
Jesus Christ welcoming all those seeking to know and grow in God’s service.
7:00am—Sunrise service at the Youth House
8:30am—Traditional service in the Sanctuary
9:30am—Contemporary service in the Keheley Center
11:00am—Traditional service in the Sanctuary
Nursery available for all services except the Sunrise service  

Worship Times

 9:25am Children's
9:30am Young Adults
10:45am Free Radicals
Sunday Morning
8:30am Traditional (Sanctuary)
9:30am Blended Contemporary (Keheley Center)
10:45am Traditional (Sanctuary)
*5th Sunday Service 10:30am*
    (No Children's Sunday School)

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The Holy Season of Lent and Prayer

              I pray the following suggestions are helpful to you concerning prayer:

1. Come in silence.  Why? The psalmist says, “Be still and know that I am God.” (Ps. 46:10)  Silence is a time to allow God to interject His thoughts into my thoughts and allow Him to speak to me.

2. Make a commitment. Set aside a specific time and be intentional about it.  Set a time and place to be  alone with Him. 

3. Choose a “prayer partner” to pray with you. It is important to know that someone else is lifting you up to God at that time.

4. Prepare your heart with the right attitude. Thoughts of the world, worries, and anxieties can crowd in.  Resolve that this is God’s time for you.

5. Meditate.  What do I meditate on?  Review the promises of God.  There are more than 1,000 promises of God in Holy Scripture.  Make a list of your own and write on each: “What does this mean to me?” Reflect on the majesty of God.  Many of the Psalms speak of this; for example Psalm 8.9. 19 and 47.

6. Speak with God. Some people feel that speaking aloud helps; For me I like spoken and silent prayers.

7. Wait and let God speak with you.

8. Pray for others. If we allow ourselves to be channels of bringing the needs of others to the throne of God, we will open ourselves up to a joy only Christ can fulfill.

9. As you close your prayer time, commit yourself to do the will of God.

10. Carry with you an attitude of prayer. You will be busy.  You will have other matters before you and other jobs to do, but in all these things allow the Holy Spirit to be your guide.


If you take these prayer suggestions seriously, I really believe the Easter Season will have a greater impact on your faith journey!



 God Bless You,




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