St. Andrew United Methodist Church
Monday, April 06, 2020
Open Minds. Open Hearts. Open Doors.
Friday Night Ladies Night Out!
April 17th, 2020
Ages 6th Grade & Up!
Please Notify if Childcare is Needed!
Cost $10 ~ Includes Dinner
 Dinner: TBA
Raises Money for Missions
RSVP BY WEDNESDAY, April 15th to email Edna Felmlee and pay at arrival!
*Nursery Available upon Request-Please RSVP*
Please contact Edna Felmlee at for any questions.
Next BUNCO - June 5th, 2020
What is BUNCO?
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Evelyn Pless "BUNCO Queen"

Bunco is a dice game, the object of which is to tally the most victories, or buncos, during four sets of play. There are six rounds to each set, corresponding to the six sides of the die. Traditionally, the game is designed for 12 players.
At the beginning of the game, four players are randomly chosen to sit at the head table. The remaining players are distributed among the remaining two tables. Each table is divided into two teams. One person on each team tallies the points. Along with the team score, a score is kept for each individual player as well.
The head table sets the pace of play which commences with the ringing of a bell. Play immediately begins as one player on each table rolls three dice attempting to roll “ones.” The target number corresponding to the current round of play. For instance, in the first round, each die that turns up a “one” in this case, scores one point. Thus, if two of the dice rolled came up as ones, two points would be tallied. Anytime three of the target number are rolled, for instance, three fours in round four, a bunco is achieved. The player rolling must call out "bunco" for his team to be awarded the associated 21 points. Only the individual who rolled the bunco can claim it on their individual score.
Bunco is a game that is played with dice -- you just roll the dice -- hard to explain, very mindless.  We play, and socialize -- eat and have a great time!