St. Andrew United Methodist Church
Friday, January 19, 2018
Open Minds. Open Hearts. Open Doors.
 Ever wonder who to you go!
Please feel free to contact any one of these ladies to inquire about:
What Group do I fit into?
What do the "Women of the Church" do?
When do they meet?
How can I help?
UMW Unit PresidentAmy Paine
UMW Unit Vice-President - Edna Felmlee
UMW Unit Mission Coordinator Nurture, Outreach and Program Resources
UMW Unit Treasurer - Laurie Yurchak
UMW Unit Secretary - Chelle Blancato
Esther Chairs

Chairperson - Diane Woods

Co-Chair - Pam Anderson

Treasurer and Communications - Sue Wallace

Sunshine - Mary Case

Reading Program - Amy & Lisa Paine

Ruth Circle Chair - 
Chairperson - Ada Bretti
Co-Chair - Edna Felmlee
Treasurer - Cathy McKeehan
Sunshine - Sue Sullivan
Reading Program - Cheri Gross
Devotions - Jana Climer
Nominating Committee - Sandie Czosek