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Friday, March 23, 2018
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Taking Up Your Cross (Service)

 During the dark days of World War II, England had a  great deal of difficulty keeping men in the coal mines.  It was a thankless kind of job, totally lacking in any glory.  Most chose to join the various military services.  They desired something that could give them more social acceptance and recognition.  Something was needed to motivate these men in the work that they were doing so that they would remain in the mines. 

With this in mind, Winston Churchill delivered a speech one day to thousands of coal miners, stressing to them the importance of their role in the war effort.  He did this by painting for them a mental picture.  He told them to picture the grand parade that would take place when VE Day came. First, he said, would come the sailors of the British Navy, the ones who had upheld the grand tradition of Trafalgar and the defeat of the Armada.  Next in the parade, he said, would come the pilots of the Royal Air Force.  They were the ones who, more than any other, had saved  England from the dreaded German Lufwaffa.  Next in the parade would come the Army, the ones that had stood tall at the crisis of Dunkirk. 

Last of all, he said, would come a long line of sweat-stained, soot streaked men in minor’s caps. And someone, he said, would cry out from the crowd, “and where were you during the critical days of the struggle?” And then from ten thousand throats would come, “we were deep in the earth with our faces to

the coal!”  We are told that there were tears in the eyes of many of those soot laden and weathered faced coal miners.  They had been given a sense of their own self-worth by the man at the top.

Service does not always come with big fancy ribbons.  And I believe that it is forever true that it is often the humble acts of service that provide us with the deepest sense of joy and the most fulfilling



God Bless you during this Lenten Season as we walk with Jesus toward the cross!


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