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Monday, October 23, 2017
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Knowing the Shepherd’s Psalm and
Knowing the Shepherd


              A famous actor was visiting with friends in a small town and his friends wanted their neighbors to meet the actor, so they had a party to introduce him to the people of the town.  At the party, someone asked if the actor might preform for  them.  It was such a pleasant and eager group that he consented.  He did some selections from Shakespeare and some parts from Broadway plays in which he had performed.

A retired minister, who was a close friend of the family was there.  Someone asked if there were something he would like to hear the actor do.  He said there was, but he probably did not know it.  The actor overheard and asked what it might be.  The minister responded, “The Shepherd’s Psalm, the Twenty-third Psalm.” The actor said, “As a matter of fact, I do know it.  I will do it, if after I finish, you will recite the Psalm for us too.”  The minister was reluctant, but the crowd was encouraging, so he agreed.

The actor began and it was beautifully done.  His diction was perfect and his presentation was precise and eloquent.  When he finished, the crowd applauded for several minutes.  Then it was the minister’s turn.  He started hesitantly, but he got caught up in the depth and personal meaning the Psalm had for him.  He remembered how throughout his ministry God had been there to shepherd and guide him.  He remembered how just a few months before, he had journeyed through the valley of death in the loss of his dear wife and how God’s presence had been his strength, comfort, and hope.

When he finished, there was total silence and tears were in many eyes.  Then the veteran actor came over to the minister.  He put his arm around the elderly pastor and said quietly, “You see, my friends, there is a difference here; I know the Shepherd’s Psalm, but my friend knows the Shepherd!”

When you read the 23rd Psalm, you might notice that David doesn’t say, the Lord is a shepherd or some shepherd.  Instead he exclaims that the Lord is my shepherd.   When we know the shepherd, we say with David, My Shepherd!



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